Ambassador Program

The Jets are looking to grow in 2020 and we need your help.  To do this, we have created the Jets’ Ambassador Program.  Below is how you can get involved.

How It Works

  1. Write your name on the cards provided. More cards are available, please call 647.983.4835 or email us.

  2. Hand the cards out to friends, family, etc. that are interested in playing Jets’ football in 2018. Make sure the new “recruit” brings the card with them when the register.

Jets’ Rewards

New Recruit – $50 off their 2020 registration fee when the fee is paid in full, this includes post-dated cheques or a monthly credit card withdrawal

Recruiter – receive $50 off your registration for each new Jets’ player you recruit.


Program ends when league registration closes. Any overpayment of fees will be refunded. Recruiter may also opt to apply credit to future season or Jets’ fan wear.

Maximum refund capped at the total registration fee.