Don't Take Our Word, Read What Jets' Parents Have To Say

On behalf of his father and I, we want to say thank you to the entire Jets family for the change we’ve seen in ‘T’ this year. He’s had his ups and downs (sadly, more downs than ups) with anxiety and stress for a few years now. He’d been a quiet reserved child who struggled in putting himself out there especially in new situations. Some how watching Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl created the football bug and he wore us down to sign him up. 

He was too nervous to go to winter practice so we didn’t hit the field until those first spring practices at Downsview Park. While I wasn’t allowed to be too far away, he slowly gained more confidence as his love for the game grew. Fast forward to the last game of the fall season versus York Region and I got to watch my kid on the sideline cheering aloud with his teammates. My quiet shy nervous boy is on the back burner and there is a new ‘T’. He is putting himself out there. He’s not afraid to fail. He’s making new friends and he’s trying out for teams at school. Our quiet kid has turned into a chatterbox, mostly about football of course! 

Football has given him a confidence and a self-esteem that we worried may never have come. We used to look at him and see the weight of the world he carried with him and now his biggest worry seems to be how many games he can watch on a Sunday. He loved this year. In cold, rain, heat and tornado warnings, he wanted to be on the field. I appreciate everything you did to make this year possible. Being a part of a team and part of the larger Jets family has changed him. We look forward to see our son grow more during this upcoming year. We could never repay you for the change we’ve seen in our child but from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

 – A Grateful Jets’ Mom and Dad

If you’re looking for a football organization for your son or daughter look no further. When my son asked us if he could play football I looked into it. I contacted the program director Nicole. She was very friendly and answered all my questions, and trust me…. I had lots!! Shortly after we were registered. Fast forward 5 years later and my son is still playing football for the Toronto Jets. “Jet for life” as he puts it. The coaches are skilled, enthusiastic and are great with the kids. We’ve met so many great families and have made friends for life along the way.

– Jets’ Parent

Football is in our family’s blood.  We knew that when our son was born we were going to introduce him to this amazing sport.  By 3 years old he knew every logo in the NFL and CFL and would carry around a football when most of his friends were obsessed with hockey.

We knew that there were very few football organizations for young children in the Toronto area.  We did our research and discovered a brand new organization called the Toronto Jets.  Our son was one of the first players to sign-up for their team when they launched back in 2013.  We had the opportunity to join other teams throughout the GTA, but there was something so genuine about the Jets that made it clear – this was the team for us!

The Toronto Jets program is made up of aspiring athletes from a variety of socio-economic and ethnc backgrouns.  This beautiful inclusion of players from such diverse backgrouns is what makes the Jets so special.  Being a non-profit organization, they are not motivated by excessive fees and costs.  Instead they really focus on the game and the athlete’s ability to improve their skills and confidence as individuals and as team players.  

The Toronto Jets are a family.  You feel the closeness we share at every grueling practice and at every game with our band of parents cheering on our children until our vocal chords hurt.  You feel the closeness at every fundraiser at every banquet when we all clap with pride for the accomplishments of not just our own children, but for every player in our program.

We went from being absolute underdogs to eventually winning several divisional championships in just 6 short years.  During the losing years we never considered moving our son to a more successful program.  We believed in what the Jets were buidling and we continue to support their vision for the future.  Once you’re a Jets, your always a Jet!

– Jets’ Parent